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A. P. Low Primary School         
The I CARE cat helps us make good choices!
Welcome to our school where every child counts.
Bienvenue à notre école où chaque enfant est important.


Staff Listing
Staff Listing


Ms. Gail Best (GailBest@nlesd.ca)
Ms. Sharon Buckley (SharonBuckley@nlesd.ca)
Ms Lisa Gallop (LisaGallop@nlesd.ca)
Mme Kim Sharpe(KimSharpe@nlesd.ca)
Mme Angela Moriarty(AngelaMoriarty@nlesd.ca)
Ms. Carolyn Wells (CarolynWells@nlesd.ca)
Grade One
Ms. Amanda Downey(AmandaDowney@nlesd.ca
Ms. Stacey Luscombe (StaceyLuscombe@nlesd.ca
Ms. Heather Sinyard (HeatherSinyard@nlesd.ca)
Ms. Kelly Porter (KellyPorter@nlesd.ca)
Mme Jenna Stacey(JennaStacey@nlesd.ca)
Mme Penny Turner (PennyTurner@nlesd.ca)

Grade Two
Mme Beverly-Ann Basque (BevBasque@nlesd.ca)
Ms Jennifer Best-Butler(JenniferBestButler@nlesd.ca)
Ms. Christy Dallaire-Hayward(ChristyDallaire@nlesd.ca)
Ms Candace Goulding (CandaceGoulding@nlesd.ca)
Mme Renee Hussey  (ReneeHussey@nlesd.ca
 Grade Three  
Mme Lynn Andrews (LynnAndrews@nlesd.ca)
Mr. Kris Brown (KrisBrown@nlesd.ca)
Ms. Catherine Hynes (CatherineHynes@nlesd.ca)
Mme Sonia Ross-Cayouette (SoniaRoss@nlesd.ca)
Ms. Nicky Jackowski (NicolaJackowski@nlesd.ca)
Ms. Cindy White (CindyWhite@nlesd.ca)
 Instructional Resource Teachers
Ms. Christa Hodder (ChristaHodder@nlesd.ca    
Ms. Trudy Michelin (TrudyMichelin@nlesd.ca) 
Ms. Jennifer Pawlett (JenniferPawlett@nlesd.ca)        
Ms. Lorraine Pilgrim(LorrainePilgrim@nlesd.ca)
Ms. Angela Taylor (AngelaAbbottTaylor@nlesd.ca)
Mr. Tim Hodder, Guidance (TimHodder@nlesd.ca) 
 Ms. Vanessa Wall, Physical Education (VanessaWall@nlesd.ca)
Ms. Dawn Kennedy, Music(Dawn Kennedy@nlesd.ca)
Ms. Teena Spurrell, Library (TeenaSmith-Spurrell@nlesd.ca)
   Dr. Rose Neville, Principal (RoseNeville@nlesd.ca)  
Ms. Theresa Gale, Vice-principal (TheresaGale@nlesd.ca)
Support Staff
Ms. Catherine Avery, Student Assistant (CatherineAvery@nlesd.ca)
Ms Melissa Canning, Student Assistant (MelissaCanning@nlesd.ca)
Ms. Tanya Hamlyn, Student Assistant (TanyaHamlyn@nlesd.ca)
Ms. Kerri Russell, Student Assistant (KerriRussell@nlesd.ca)
Ms. Heather Pelley-Heffernan, Secretary (HeatherHeffernan@nlesd.ca)
Ms. Trudy Baker, Secretary (TrudyBaker@nlesd.ca)
Ms. Marjorie Efford, Daytime Custodian (MargeEfford@nlesd.ca) 

Ms. Pansy Lawrence, Nighttime Custodian(PansyLawrence@nlesd.ca)
Mr. Eldon Oxford, Maintenance (ElsonOxford@nlesd.ca)
Ms. Connie Jordan, Nighttime Custodian (ConnieJordan@nlesd.ca)
Ms. Colleen Saunders (ColleenCorbett@nlesd.ca)
Mr. Steve Volpatti, Nighttime Custodiam (SteveVolpatti@nlesd.ca)
Mme Hélène Geoffroy, French Immersion Teacher Aide (HeleneGeoffroy@nlesd.ca)

















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