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Edmonston Reading & Language Arts


This Week in Room 316

March 30 - April 3 

Second week of Quarter Four


REMEMBER to get your Distance Learning Packets. You may get a hard copy from the school or access it online at leonschools.net.  The packets contain work for all four core classes (language arts, math, science, and history). You will need hard copies of the langauge arts stories and/or packets to complete the activities.




Sometimes a Dream Needs a Push

By Walter Dean Myers


Our first 6th Grade Language Arts Distance Learning Assignment comes from Walter Dean Myers and deals with overcoming adversity. We have already explored the themes of resilience and success this year and will continue to do so with this story from CommonLit.


But first, let's meet the author:



Background (Inside the Story: Wheelchair Basketball Champs)



The story:



Oral reading:




Day 1, Activity: Vocabulary in Context

See information under CONTEXT CLUES below for help.


Day 1, Activity 2: Journal Response

Describe an unexpected obstacle you have experienced and overcome. How did you approach it and eventually overcome it? Do you think this made you stronger? Why?


Day 2: Active Reading

Follow the instructions and remember to annotate. We've spent a lot of time annotating this year, but remember to annotate with a purpose. This task as for us to specifically use one color to highlight lines that reveal Chris's attitude, and another to highlight lines that reveal Jim's attitude.


Day 3, Activity 1: Vocabulary Practice


(I will complete the rest of the assignments later. Remember, though, that all activities are included in your packets. If you have questions, email me at edmonstonj@leonschools.net.)



Mr. Edmonston is also Reading: STARGIRL



Yes, I've read this several times before, but I love it! Stargirl is truly one of my top 5 characters of all time. I will start reading a chapter a day beginning on Tuesday, March 24. Better yet, we can follow along with Mr. Daniels! Yes, the SAME Mr. Daniels who read Freak to us.


Even if you don't have a copy of the book, follow along: Chapters 4 & 5 (3.28.2020 & 3.29.20)



Question: Ar there questions we're supposed to answer? No. However, I will be challenging my self with a 9-word synoposis after each chapter. You can join in if you so please.


Acess the Writing & Guided Notes tab to see my 9-word synoposis.

This is much tougher than I thought. It forces us as readers and writers to focus on the important while choosing our words carefully.


Another Idea:

Take 10 to 15 minutes a day to journal your experience during this crisis. I started doing this on Friday, May 13, when my son's baseball season was called to an end in Sarasota. I was terribly disappointed at the time, but had little idea what lay ahead and just how serious this virus would become.


Think about the obstacles that you've faced during this time and how, over time, this will make you stronger.


SKILLS FOR THIS WEEK: March 30 - April 3)

Florida Standards include:

  • Read, read, and read! 
  • Pay attention to how characters change. Think about Max from Freak the Mighty.
  • Continue practicing your annotations. (Highlighting with a purpose.)
  • Recognizing and using key supporting details to strengthen your answers.
  • Citing textual evidence (incorporating key information)
  • Using context clues to discover the meaning of unknown words. So very important!
  • Journaling. Write about your experiences and how you've changed.
  • Read texts with different points of view (first-person and third person).



NEXT TEST/QUIZ: TBD (4th Quarter)


The Road Ahead

04.01.20: FSA Writing & Reading has been canceled for the 2019/2020 school year. However, if you are interested in the state rubric and student examples for writing, access the site below:



6th Grade FSA Reading Assessment: May 4 - May 5 (Paper Based) - Canceled.




Knowing how to identify and use context clues are important to our success as middle school students. Good readers don't look up every unknown word they encounter; rather, they use context to help.


Once you've identified an unknown word, look at the other words or sentences that surround the unknown word. Does this help? Are there pictures or other illustrations that might help? For a 10-minute review:



Bell Ringers associated with Context Clues: 16, 20, 21, 23-27, 35, 39, 40, 42, 46, & 51.



Bell Ringers (BLUE: 82 completed)

Bell ringers are an excellent resource for test prep. Bell ringers provide a review of previous work, a foundation for the day's skills to be learned, or a review for a possible test/quiz.  


Bell ringers are always preprinted on blue paper and should be kept in the student's main ELA binder. As of Friday, March 13, we have completed 82 total bell ringers.


Guided Notes (YELLOW: 13 completed)

Guided notes #13 (Scholasrhip Jacket - Plot Diagram) coming on Thursday, March 5.

13 sets of guided notes completed as of Thursday, March 5, 2020.

Also see the Writing & Guided Notes tab for additional information.


Independent Reading

Successful middle school students are strong readers. Reading is a skill we must develop, and just like any other skill, we need to practice . . . daily! Make sure you bring a book to class every day.


Citing Text Evidence



The Punctuation Guide



Khan Academy: Nouns & Pronouns (for practice)






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