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Edmonston Reading & Language Arts


This Week in Room 316

January 13 - January 17 (Week 20 of 36)

2nd week of Quarter Three



Noticing Mistakes Boost Learning

Last week we learned read Grit: The Power and Passion of Perseverance. This week we'll focus on the power of correcting mistakes and how mistakes are simply part of the learning process.


SKILLS FOR THIS WEEK: (January 13 - January 17)

Florida Standards include:


  • Introduction of analogies
  • Annotating a text
  • Citing textual evidence
  • Writing a text-based short response
  • Literature: Freak the Mighty (class novel)
  • Story elements


Quiz Results from Friday, January 10, 2020 (Oppotunity for Improvement 01.16.2020)

This week we are learning that mistakes, if we learn from them, are an integral part of success. Good thing! Friday's quiz was a bear and scores are LOW! Learning from failure, as we will learn, is indeed a part of success. Students will have an opportunity to reread the "Grit" article and improve the scores listed below. Mindset will have a lot to do with each student's success. The quiz was not easy and each student must evaluate his or her mistakes to show improvement.


Original                  Retake (1.16.20)

Period 1: 60.29%    96.47% (+36.18)

Period 2: 53.57%

Period 3: 57.95%

Period 4: 53.00%

Period 5: 54.17%

Period 6: 43.48%    85.53% (+42.05)


About Our Class Novel



An absolutely terrific story of an unlikely friendship. We will read chapters throughout the nine weeks culminating with a showing of the moving in March.


Assignments, activities, and quizzes are required.

As of Tuesday, January 14 we have read through: Chapter 4 

Note: You may access the audio reading of this book by seaching "Freak the Mighty reading" on YouTube.


NEXT TEST/QUIZ: Tuesday, January 21

A short, three to four question quiz covering the basics of our CommonLit article, Noticing Mistakes Boost Learning. Students MUST have their annotated, original articles.  



Last week we introduced analogies (see Bell Ringer 47). While they appear game-like or puzzle-like, analogies are terrific at improving vocabulary skills; bolstering reading comprehension; addressing higher-order thinking skills; and, developing verbal reasoning abilities.


An example from today - dollar : quarter as year : ____________. 



Knowing how to identify and use context clues are vital to our success as middle school students. At any given time, this skill could be put to the test (pop quiz). Students should always know the definition of context clues and how to use said clues to identify the meaning of unknown words.


Bell Ringers (BLUE: 51 completed)

Bell ringers are an excellent resource for test prep. Bell ringers provide a review of previous work, a foundation for the day's skills to be learned, or a review for a possible test/quiz.  


Bell ringers are always preprinted on blue paper and should be kept in the student's main ELA binder. As of Tuesday, January 14, we have completed 51 total bell ringers.


Guided Notes (YELLOW: 10 completed)

10 sets of guided notes completed as of Wednesday, December 18.

Also see the Writing & Guided Notes tab for additional information.


Independent Reading

Successful middle school students are strong readers. Reading is a skill we must develop, and just like any other skill, we need to practice . . . daily! Make sure you bring a book to class every day.



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