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 "The Magic Comes From Within"




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Menihek Assessment and Evaluation Policy


Menihek Cell Phone Policy 2018-2019


NLESD Social Media Policy 


 Bussing update for Wabush



Menihek "Meet the Teacher" night is scheduled for Thursday, Sept 20th @ 7 pm in the gym.








Dear Parents/Guardians,

Continuing roadwork in Labrador West will provide some challenges for school bus transportation this September.


Our goal is, as always, to provide safe transportation for our students. We ask that parents and guardians be aware of roadwork/heavy equipment in your areas and remember the safety of your child is your responsibility until they are on the bus.


In Labrador City, sections of Tamarack Drive will be shut down until September 16th.


If you are unsure as to a bus stop during this time, please refer to the bus schedules posted on the schools' websites and chose a bus stop that is the closest/safest to your civic address.


In Wabush, the Bowater Extension and Winter Avenue will be closed to school bussing as late as the end of September. Students in this area may get the bus at the top of Baltimore Avenue, a stop will be put in place there for the duration of the roadwork, or refer to the bus schedules posted on school websites and chose a stop that is the closest/safest to your civic address.


Both Towns have assured us that safety of our students will be their priority.


We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Bus Depot at 282-3763.



 Copies of NL government's Education Action Plan is now available online:



2018-2019 school year begins on Wednesday, Sept 5th @ 9 am.


Lifetouch photographers will be at Menihek on Tuesday, Sept 18th and Wednesday, September 19th.


Just a reminder that we register L4 students the Monday after we get back (2nd week), students can book appointments through the office :)


 For the information of Menihek students and parents, any student who was unsuccessful (35% min) in a course (not a public) that had a final exam in June, will be able to sign up for a supplementary exams beginning on Wed, Sept 5th at the main office. Supps will be written beginning Thursday, Sept 6th depending upon demand.









Supplementary Exams (Public Exam courses)


Students who need to write a public exam supplementary may find the August Supplementary Exam schedule online at http://www.ed.gov.nl.ca/edu/k12/evaluation/exams.html . There is also a schedule and registration form in grade 11 and 12 final report cards.


Supplementary Exams (Non-Public Exam Courses)


Supplementary exams for non-public exam courses will take place at Menihek during the first week of school (September 6th- 11th). Supplementary exams can be written for non-public Science, Math, English, and Social Studies courses where a final mark of 35% was obtained on the June report card. To register for a non-public supplementary exam students can sign up in the main office on September 5th.





Final exam schedule 

June 2018



No Mid-year Examinations

Pilot Project 2018-19

Our school has accepted an invitation by the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District to become part of a pilot project in 2018-2019. As a participant in this pilot project, we will not be administering mid-year examinations to high school students for the next three years. The purpose of this pilot is to focus on maximizing instructional time and student learning during this time period, rather than focusing on major formal exams. Therefore, instruction will continue as normal during the usual mid-year examination period and students will be required to attend classes. Based on research conducted by the District’s Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting Committee, it is believed that students will be as successful with their final examinations as well as there will be no negative impact on year-end achievement results. To ensure a positive outcome from this initiative, student achievement data will be collected and analyzed over a three year period for the 33 participating schools. If you have any questions, please contact the school’s administration.




Congratulations to Menihek High School student Tristan Salomon de Friedberg for being one of 13 recipients of the Fostering Youth Innovation through Student Enrichment Awards. Tristan has been selected for the Da Vinci Engineering Enrichment Program - a four-week program held at the University of Toronto. This program offers pre-university engineering and science enrichment and research project design opportunities. Way to go Tristan.


Congratulations to Menihek High School students Emma Meade, Noah Barney, Allison Piercey, Elizabeth Noel and Jonathon Decker who won the Grand Prize for Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro and Newfoundland Power's takeCHARGE contest. Each student takes home a new IPad and Menihek High School receives 5 IPads as well. Thank you to Ms. Greene for her support and encouragement.



Just a reminder to Menihek students that textbooks and locks must be returned to your teachers before summer holidays. Students with missing or damaged textbooks should drop by the office to pay for them.




 Please note that there will be NO lunchtime bussing during the final exams. Students writing PM exams are reminded to take the AM bus and use the Library as a Study Hall or find their own way to school. PM exams begin at 12:30 pm. Please be there 10 minutes early.



Parents/guardians of next year's Gr 8 students are invited to an information session this Thursday, June 14th at 7 pm in the Menihek Library. Share with your friends.





For the information of parents/guardians there will be no school on Monday, May 14th due to teacher inservice.





Anyone who attended The Science Rendezvous at the College of the North Atlantic on April 26, 2018 is asked to complete the following survey.






Menihek Parents/Guardians: Please take the time over the next week or so to fill out this School Climate Survey for Menihek High School. Our results will be emailed to us in the Fall by the Department of Education. If you have more than one child at Menihek please complete the survey for the oldest child.


Subject: Reminder - Family Survey
Dear Parent/Guardian,
Your input is valuable to your school, your district, and the provincial government. We would like to thank those who have already completed the Family Survey. For those who have not yet completed the survey, we sincerely appreciate you taking the time to fill out the survey before the deadline provided to you by your school administrator. 
Directions for Survey-Taking:
You may access and complete the anonymous survey online - from a computer or mobile device - by visiting the website below: 
Thank you for your participation and for being a valued member of your school community.







The Newfoundland and Labrador English School District (Labrador Region), through the
Tutoring/Work Experience Program (TWEP), is seeking applications from post-secondary
students who are interested in tutoring junior/senior high school students as they prepare for
year-end exams.
- Tutors for this program will be chosen by the receiving school on the basis of academic
standing, interpersonal skills, and tutoring experience.
- Learners for this program will be junior/senior high school students identified by their
respective schools as needing academic assistance while preparing for year-end exams.
- Tutors may work up to 210 hours ($11.15/hr) over a six week period leading into final
exams. Reimbursement will in the form of a tuition voucher and stipend ($1102.50
tuition voucher, $1239.00 stipend, for a maximum total of $2341.50).
- Tutors must provide a code of conduct certificate to the receiving high school.
- A TWEP application form is available from the principal/guidance counselor of the
school in your community. The completed form is to be returned to the
principal/guidance counselor of the school.
- Deadline for applications is Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018
- Contact Ms. Smith by email at yvonnesmith@nlesd.ca



2018-2019 Course selections are now open for all senior high Menihek students. Access to course registrations is via student Power School accounts. If you need help accessing please email yvonnesmith@nlesd.ca.







Monday, March 26th is Epilepsy Day and we are inviting all students and staff to wear purple to help bring awareness to Epilepsy. We will also have a photobooth set up in the main lobby and would love to see photos shared on social media using #EpilepseyAMHS. Please help us promote Epilepsy Awareness.









Menihek High School supports World Down Syndrome Day! Please wear your craziest and brightest socks on Wednesday, March 21st, AND bring in a toonie for the NL Down Syndrome Society.




Grad Dinner Tickets on sale March 13,14, 20 & 21 from 7-9pm at the main entrance of the school.

Roast beef OR Stuffed chicken-$35.00 per meal, each grad is allowed to purchase 3 tickets(including the grad).



On Thursday, March 8, the cast of Menihek Drama delivered a heart-wrenching and beautiful performance of Bruce Stagg’s “Home Before Long” at the Labrador Regional Drama Festival. Set against the backdrop of the fishery in a Newfoundland out-port in the 1960s, Stagg’s dramatic script introduced the audience to members of the members of the Martin family. As is quickly revealed, they have experienced their share of loss as well as moments of complete joy. Connected to it all is an undying love and a case of mistaken identity that will forever change their lives as they know it.

For their production, the troupe came away from the Festival with five awards and a boatload of memories. Awards were given for: Best Set Design, Best Costume, Certificate of Excellence in Accent Work for Desiree Canning, Certificate of Excellence in Acting for Rebecca Smith, and Best Actor (for the overall festival) for Cameron MacFarlane.




There will be a credit information session for Grade 9 parents on Thursday, March 15th at 7:00pm in the school Library.




Please be advised that due to a Teacher Inservice there will be no school at Menihek Friday, March 9th.




Thank you to members of the Labrador West Community Policing organization for the free hotdogs today at lunch.





Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 28th, is PINK SHIRT DAY. Please encourage your student(s) to wear pink to support our anti-bullying campaign.



Our grade 8 students are participating in the annual Heritage Fair this week. We invite you all to come out and see these wonderful projects Wednesday, Feb 28th from 7pm-8:30pm. See you there!






Cains Quest begins on Friday, March 2nd. Start time is noon. 
Please note that there will be NO parking available on the student parking lot and also NO parking available behind the school for that day. 
In order to make sure of adequate parking for staff there will be NO student parking available on our property on Friday. Students who normally drive are asked to take the bus or be dropped off. Please note that access to the Teacher parking lot will be limited due to road closures and there is little to no parking on Lakeside on this day.
Please plan accordingly! 



Student Pickups and Drop offs


Just a reminder to parents that we ask you not to pick up your child in the student parking lot during lunch. Please park on the road and have your child walk to your vehicle.
Also, please respect the no pickup, no drop off sign area in the teachers' parking lot. We have had a number of near misses recently.




Cains Quest begins on Friday, March 2nd. Please note that there will be NO parking available on the student parking lot and also no parking available behind the school for that day.



Just a reminder to Menihek parents that there is no school on Friday, Feb 16th and Monday, Feb 19th. Enjoy your long weekend!




Due to lack of heat in the gym we are moving Parent - Teacher interviews to the classrooms. There will be diagrams available in the main foyer to help guide you to individual teachers' classrooms. Some teachers will also be located in the library.



Term 2 Menihek Parent - Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Thursday, Feb 8th 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm & 7 - 9.


Updated Weather Letter


Canada's Centre for Digital and and Media Literacy





Midterm lunchtime bus stops







Midterm exam schedule


Menihek High School


Senior High Mid-Year Exams/Unit Tests *


January 29-February2, 2018






Monday, January 29th

(9:20 – 11:20)

English 1201

*English 2202

English 3201

Math 2200


Monday, January 29th

(12:30 – 2:30)

Chemistry 2202

Chemistry 3202

*English 1202

*English 3202


Tuesday, January 30th

(9:20 – 11:20)

English 2201

Français 1202

Physics 3204

Tuesday, January 30th

(12:30 – 2:30)

Social Studies 2211/2

Physics 2214

*Environmental Science 3205


Wednesday, January 31th

(9:20 – 11:20)

Science 1216

Math 3208

Math 2201


Wednesday, January 31th

(12:30 – 2:30)

*Math 2202

Math 3200

Math 3201

*Math 3202


Thursday, February 1st

(9:20 – 11:20)

Français 2202

Social Studies 3211

Math 1201

*Math 1202


Thursday, February 1st

(12:30 – 2:30)

*World Geography 3200

Histoire du Canada 1231

Français 3202


Friday, February 2nd

(9:20 – 11:20)

Biology 3201

*Science 2200

Friday, February 2nd

(12:30 – 2:30)

Biology 2201

Histoire Mondiale 3231




2016-2017 Menihek Awards night is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec 19th @ 7 pm. All are welcome!




Just a reminder to Menihek students that there is no school on Friday, Dec 8th due to Teacher Inservice.




Term 1 Parent - Teacher interviews are scheduled for Thursday, Nov 23rd 1:30 - 3:30 & 7 - 9.



All schools in Lab West closed this PM due to slippery road conditions.


Menihek High has a number of students and teachers with severe scent allergies! Please remind your child not to wear scented products to our school.



Please note that access to the Menihek High School parent portal has been restricted until Wednesday, November 22nd. This will give teachers time to update and finalize marks for the Term 1 report cards.



FENTANYL: Information for Teachers, Parents,


and Caregivers




What you need to know?


You may have heard recently about a dangerous drug called fentanyl that is causing a lot of harm across Canada. This presentation will provide you with the basic information you should know about Fentanyl and other Opioids.




Talk to the kids in your life


Kids and young adults are especially vulnerable to substances since their brains are still developing. It is not always easy, but talking to your kids about fentanyl and other dangerous drugs is one of the best things you can do to keep them safe.


- You can start a conversation by telling your kids you care about them and you want them to be safe.


- Ask them what they know about fentanyl and encourage open and honest communication.


- Ask your kids to tell you if they are ever around drugs and let them know it is ok to say no if they are ever offered drugs.




Please join us November 14th, 2017 at 7:00 pm


at the Menihek School Library to talk about the dangers of Opioids & what you can do!





Thank you Krista Norman (Viva Group/Govt. NL), Nick McGrath (Arena Restaurant), Steve Hawco (Carol Lake Metal Works), Janine Janes (Janes & Company, Vet Clinic, Bell Aliant), Danielle King (Pizza Delight/Dominion Lending) & Heather Rowe (Heather’s Soap Kitchen) for your presentations to our students today in support of Small Business Week.




Grads of 2016!!! You can pickup your diplomas beginning on Monday, October 23rd.



1st Grad parent meeting is scheduled for 7 pm, Tuesday, Oct 24th in Menihek cafeteria.



There will be a Memorial University information presentation for interested students in the school library on Tuesday at lunch. There will also be a evening session for parents at 7:00.




"Meet the Teacher" night is scheduled for Thursday, Sept 28th @7pm in the Menihek gym.



 Students are asked to bring a Toonie for Terry tomorrow or Friday to help support our annual Terry Fox Walk.






Just a reminder that Menihek High School promotes safe Internet usage. Parents/guardians are asked to review information found at the following Dept of Education site with their children.




Just a reminder to parents that there will be no school for Menihek students on Monday, September 25th & Tuesday, September 26th due to teacher inservice!




Updated Photographer Schedule: Thursday, Sept 28th & Friday, Sept 29th 








Grads of 2017

Your personalized yearbooks have arrived.  Drop by the office to pick up yours.



Menihek softball tournament this Saturday, Sept 16th.  Please encourage your child to sign up for a team.  



Level 4 student registration will begin on Monday, Sept 11th. Call the office or drop by to get a reserved time.



"Meet the Teacher" night is scheduled for Thursday, Sept 28th @7pm in the Menihek gym.



Welcome back Grads of 2018!!


Welcome back returning teachers and students to another fantastic year at Menihek.  Also a sincere welcome to Ms. Evans, welcome back Mr. White, Ms. Dawe and Ms. Murphy.


School opens for students on Wednesday, Sept 6th.  Homeroom begins at 9:05.


If you are a new student looking to register at Menihek this year please call 944-7731 for additional info or drop by the office.


2017-2018 Bus routes are available at menihek.ca












Menihek students are encouraged to drop off their textbooks and locks to their home room teachers this week. Please note that missing or damaged textbooks must be paid for before being issued the final report card. Please call the office at 944-7731 if you have any questions or concerns.





 Menihek parents and students please note that there will be NO lunchtime bussing during the final exam period. If you need to take a bus for an am or pm exam on any given day you must take the regular bus run on that morning and then the regular bus home at the end of the day. Study Hall space will be available in the Library for those students who wish study for a pm exam or wish to wait for the regular pm bus ride home.


Menihek Final Exam Schedule

June 2017


Congratulations to Eric Batson, Mitchell Roberts, Christopher Gillam and Mason Maynard who won the NL hydro KIC start video competition and have won an iPad each as well as 5 iPads for the school!!!





Menihek Athletic Ceremony will be held on Thursday, June 8th, 5 - 6:30 pm.  Parents are welcome! 


Just reminder to parents/guardians of Menihek students that due to the Victoria Day holiday there will be NO school on Monday, May 22nd.



 Parents/Guardians of Gr 9 students are reminded to bring in their signed consent forms for the vaccinations on Friday, May 19th.



Just a reminder that there is NO school on Monday, May 15th for Menihek students due to Teacher Inservice.




 Parents and Students of Math 1201, 2201, 3201, 3200

Extensive review packages for the June 2017 math finals are now available online for the following math courses:

    Math 2201        Academic Math Level II Mr. Hunt and Mr. Murphy

    Math 3201         Academic Math 3201 Public Exam Level III   Mr. Hunt

    Math 3200         Advanced Math 3200 Public Exam Level III   Mr. Hunt

These packages include sample exams for each unit in the public exam courses and as well as a sample public exam with solutions.  Math 2201 has at least 3 final exam packages posted with solutions.  These packages are available from Mr. Hunt’s web-page www.menihekjhunt.weebly.com as well as Mr. Murphy’s web-page https://sites.google.com/nlesd.ca/mrmurphy.  Review packages for Math 1201 will be posted in the coming days.

Parents please be advised that in addition to the public exam courses in math, Academic Math 1201 and as well Math 2201 will have one common math final for the province for all students enrolled in these courses.  Extensive preparation is a necessity for these exams to ensure a positive result.  This is a new implementation for these two courses for June 2017.  Extra tutorials/review packages are also available through www.cdli.ca for all courses.  Peer tutoring is also available through our PASS room.  Please see Ms. Yvonne Smith for further details.




The Grey Cup is coming to Menihek on Wed afternoon, May 3rd. Students are asked to wear red/black to support the Ottawa Red Black organization.


Just a heads up! Menihek High School has scheduled Professional Development Days scheduled for Monday, May 8th & Monday, May 15th.


Menihek High School students are encouraged to use the Menihek Portal to register for next year's courses. Please email yvonnesmith@nlesd.ca if you have any concerns or questions.


Congratulations to Emily Benson who is Menihek's Valedictorian for 2016-2017.



 On Wed pm, May 3rd, the Grey Cup will be visiting Menihek High School. Students are asked to wear Red/Black to help us celebrate this event.


Parents/Guardians of Menihek students are asked to complete the school development survey found at the following address in the next week or two:




Thanks for your cooperation.


Menihek High School Activity Day is Friday, March 31st.


Menihek High School would like to welcome the Honourable Dale Kirby, Minister of Education, to our school today.


Please note that due to teacher inservice there will be no school for Menihek students on Friday, March 24th.


Fake Butterfly Knives

Please note that we are asking students not to bring Butterfly Knives to school.  We have confiscated a number of different models, some with pointy blades.  Please contact Mr. Drover if you have any questions.



Please click on this link to download the permission slip if your child is going to Work Out World this Friday, March 3rd for Gym class

 Work out World permission slip



Grade 8 Heritage Fair public viewing is scheduled for Wednesday, March 1st, 2017  7 - 8 pm in the Menihek gym.


Congratulations to the Menihek Boys and Menihek Girls Senior BB teams who won the regionals this past weekend.


A huge thank you to all the parents and community groups that dropped of treats to the Menihek staff last week.


Teacher inservice scheduled for Friday, Feb 17th is cancelled due to weather delays with presenter.  Friday will now be a regular school day.  Sorry for the inconvenience!!



 As this is Education Week, Staff Appreciation Week, on behalf of the Menihek School Council I would like to thank all the teachers and staff of Menihek High School for their efforts in educating our children.



The Labrador West Women's Centre will be hosting a JR girls luncheon to talk about CONSENT:
Feb 24th at 12:40 pm in the MHS Library
This information is for grade 8 & 9 girls, but we only have 25 seats available. If you are interested in attending the luncheon, please let Ms. Smith know ASAP - get your name on the list.


The Labrador West Women's Centre will be hosting a Grade 12 girls luncheon to talk about preventing sexual assault on University and College Campus.
Feb 28th at 12:40 pm in the MHS Library
This information is for Level 3 girls moving on to post secondary adventures. We only have 25 seats available. If you are interested in attending the luncheon, please let Ms. Smith know ASAP - get your name on the list.


Menihek High School will be dismissed at 2:20 pm on Monday, February 13th due to teacher inservice. Also there is no school for Menihek students on Friday, Feb 17th due to teacher inservice.


 MUN Session scheduled for Monday, Feb 6th has been postponed due to flight delays in St. John's.


Grad Info
Friday, Feb 3rd
, all grads are asked to go to the library to get measured for their grad gowns. This will be the last day for taking measurements, gown orders will be made next week.




Grad fees need to be paid by Feb 20th. Fees are $130 and the school office will only accept cash (no cheques please). 


Term 2 Parent/Teacher Interviews

Thursday, Feb 2nd

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

7 pm - 9 pm

*Students will be dismissed at 12:45 on this date




Parent Info:  Menihek Crays Survey



June 2017 Public Exam Schedule


Menihek Midterm Schedule 2017


 Midterm lunchtime bus stops




Just a heads up to SH Menihek students writing pm Midterm exams. We have 7/8 busses leaving at 11:30 am to bring HS students home who have finished their am exam. These same busses will be picking up students who need a ride back to Menihek for the pm exams at the same time. There are NO double runs. Please be ready to be picked up between 11:30 and noon.
We will be publishing "stops" shortly. The "stops" will the same as found on the JRS schedule.
Please note pm exams begin at 12:30 pm.
Please be here on time! 


Please check Facebook Menihek Grad  2017 page for updates!!




Menihek students will be participating in an "Hour of Code" activity next week. Check it out!!




LifeTouch Photography will be doing retakes this Friday AM, Nov 25th


NOT TOO LATE TO ORDER SCHOOL PHOTOS FOR CHRISTMAS Dear Parents, As Christmas quickly approaches many of you have probably forgotten to order your child’s school portraits. Some of you may have misplaced your proof sheet or just thought that maybe it is too late to order. It is not too late and you do not need your proof sheet. Please call 1-800-473-5090 and one of our professional sales team members will help you with the ordering process. All orders received by December 7th will be delivered in time for Christmas. If you have your proof sheets just go to MYLIFETOUCH.CA to order your portraits and take advantage of our wide variety of background selections. Thank you and Merry Christmas from Lifetouch!




Menihek High School is soon hosting our Annual Presentation of Academic Awards for the 2015-2016 school year. We are asking all students, or parents/guardians of students, who won awards and/or scholarships during the 2015-2016 academic school year to please inform our school office so that we can publicly recognize graduate achievements. Please contact the school by calling 944-7731 or by emailing yvonnesmith@nlesd.ca by December 2nd, 2016. Our Annual Presentation of Academic Awards for the 2015-2016 school year will take place Thursday, December 15th, at 7:00PM in the school gymnasium, followed by a reception. Everyone is welcome.





Good Day Parents and Guardians: The School Board Trustee Election occurs on Tuesday November 22, 2016. We encourage all parents and guardians to exercise their right to vote and play a part in establishing the new board. Candidates for your Zone can be found on the School Board Elections NL website www.schoolboardelectionsnl.ca including some biographies provided by candidates. The polls are open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on election day this coming Tuesday and your polling station location can be found posted in the schools in your zone, on the election website mentioned above and also through the NLESD website (www.nlesd.ca). Thank You 


At Menihek High School our KES Breakfast Club provides a nutritious breakfast to help provide students with a solid foundation they need to be successful in school. There are plenty of studies to show that a healthy breakfast positively influences student’s health, academic achievement and so much more! On Thursday and Friday, we would like to invite our community to participate in a Food Drive. You can support our breakfast club at Menihek High by donating eligible items to the school or making a monetary donation at http://www.kidseatsmart.ca/donate-now Thank-you for your support!



Menihek Parent/Teacher interviews are scheduled for Thursday, Nov 17th.
1:30 - 3:30 & 7 - 9 pm.


Please note that there will be a power outage that affects Menihek High School on Sunday, November 6th from 1-4 pm.




Josten Update:

Mr. Joe Guinchard, the ring man, will be set up in the library on  Wed. Nov. 2nd 6-9 pm  and Thursday from 8-3 pm.


 Menihek High raised $400 for the Janeway on Pajamarama Day!! Way to go Menihek!!


Grad/Parent meeting next Wed. Nov. 2 at 7:00 pm in the cafeteria. 



Mr. Joe Guinchard, the ring man, will be set up in the library on Tuesday Nov. 1 from 7-10, all day Wed. Nov. 2. 8-5 pm , then 7:00 - 10:00 and Thursday morning from 8-10 am. Mrs. A. Johnson has the ring books in her classroom if you do not have one.




Digital Citizenship Letter 2016-2017



School Council meeting 6 pm Monday, October 17th in the library.



Congratulations to the Sr Girls Soccer team who won the 3A Provincials over the weekend.  Thank you Ms. Reccord and Ms. Byrne.


Grads of 2016! Your diplomas have arrived at Menihek. Please have someone drop by to pick it up along with your yearbook between 9 - 4. Tell your friends!!  There are also a number of diplomas remaining for 2015 Grads!


Just a note to parents that due to the ongoing issues with "clown phobia" i.e.. we are asking students not to wear any sort of clown costume to school or to our school dance.




Wednesday, October 12th we will be having our annual RAINBOW DAY. We have chosen this date to support and recognize  National "Coming Out Day" which is Oct 11th (we are 1 day late, but better late than never:).  National Coming Out Day is a reminder that one of our most basic tools is the power of coming out. Coming out - whether it is as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or allied - STILL MATTERS. When people know someone who is LGBTQ, they are far more likely to support equality under the law. Beyond that, our stories can be powerful to each other.

Every person who speaks up changes more hearts and minds, and creates new advocates for equality.


We encourage each grade to wear a specific colour on Oct 12th. We will all meet in the gym at recess to create our rainbow and get a photo. Please support each other and help build our rainbow.


Grade 8: blue


Grade 9: orange


Grade 10: Purple


Grade 11: Yellow


Grade 12: Red


Staff: Green



Allergy Update: If your child has a life threatening allergy and requires an eli-pen please contact the school with your updated medical information. Your child should carry their epi-pen with them at all times.



At lunch today, October 11th,  there will be a presentation in the library for students interested in attending Memorial University and a presentation tonight at 7:00 pm for parents (in the library).


The yearbooks are here! The yearbooks are here! Grads of 2016 can pick them up at the office during regular school hours. Tell your friends.



There will be no school for Menihek students on Friday, October 7th due to teacher inservice.


Congratulations to our Senior Girls and Boys Xcountry teams who won the Regional banner in North West River on October 1st.  These teams will travel to the provincials at the end of the month.  Also congratulations to our Junior Boys who finished 1st and Junior Girls who finished 2nd. 


Menihek High School supports Mental Illness Awareness Week, Oct 3rd-7th.  http://www.cbc.ca/firsthand/features/how-to-help-family-and-friend-cope-with-mental-illness


Terry Fox Fundraiser update

Our students and staff raised $648.60. Wicked!!


Wow Butter Letter update - http://www.inetteacher.com/Section1.aspx?login=-1&uid=104998&sid=204500&pgid=0&secid=19589



There will be no school for Menihek students on Friday, September 30th and Friday, October 7th due to teacher inservice.



High School Certification
Registration for November Supplementary Examination(s)
(Labrador Region)
Please Note:
• Deadline for registration is October 21st, 2016. Due to the expanded schedule, late

registrations and walk-ins will not be accepted.
• Exam schedule and return information are on the back of this form.
• A student must have already completed the course in question this past school year (2015-2016) or in a
previous school year to be eligible to write a supplementary examination.
• Students must bring a photo ID to the examination site.
Please contact Menihek for an application.



On Friday, September 23rd Menihek students took part in our annual Terry Fox Walk and also a team bus pull. Thank you to the Ms. J. Johnson, the bussing depot, Constable Kelly & the town of Lab City for their support. Our students and staff rock!


Menihek girls defeat Mealy Mountain girls 2-0, 2-0 to advance to Provincials to be held in Springdale in two weeks.
Mealy boys beat Menihek boys in a three game series: 2-3, 3-0, 5-2.
Ryan Barnett from Menihek was awarded the Sportmanship award as was Brianna Wall from Mealy.
Thank you to the athletes, coaches, officials and spectators who came out to support the teams.




3A Soccer Regionals Schedule


Friday Sept. 23

3:15 - Girls Mealy vs Menihek

5:15 - Boys Mealy vs Menihek


Saturday Sept. 24

9am Girls Mealy vs Menihek

11am Boys Mealy vs Menihek


***if needed***

1pm Girls Mealy vs Menihek

3pm Boys Mealy vs Menihek



School photographer will be at Menihek Tuesday, September 20th & Wednesday, September 21st.


There will be no school for Menihek students on Friday, September 30th and Friday, October 7th due to teacher inservice.



Please note that recess is five minutes shorter this year.  Please encourage your children to stay in the building.  There is not enough time to visit Tim's, MacDo or even Lakeside Convenience without being late.




Menihek Annual Softball Tournament Saturday, Sept 17th.

Sign up in the main lobby.  


Curriculum Night is scheduled for 7 pm Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 in the Menihek gym.  Come out and meet your child's teachers.




Message to Students/Parents:

Good afternoon students and parents at Menihek High School. This is Mr. Drover, your principal this year.

As your summer vacation comes to a close we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the start of the 2016-2017 school year at Menihek High School. We are certainly looking forward to working with all students and parents to ensure that this school year is one where all our students will realize their true potential.

We invite all of you to visit our school website at www.menihek.ca where you will find all the information regarding our start times on Wednesday, September 7th.

And this is Mr. Costello, your vice-principal for this school year.

So on Wednesday morning, September 7th, all students will be in their homerooms, on time, at 9:05 am where they will spend their first two periods. Homeroom teachers will be discussing a number of very important items with students to ensure a smooth start to their school year. So it is imperative that all students be in their homerooms at 9:05 am.

After recess, which is 5 minutes shorter this year, students will then proceed to their third period class for Day 1. From period three onwards it will be a regular day of classes for all students.

So, we truly encourage all parents and students to regularly visit our school website for updates on what’s happening at Menihek throughout the school year.

A reminder to any high school student who will be writing a school supplementary exam this week, to please register your name and course at the office on Wednesday when you come in. For any student who registered in June for these exams, we ask you to please register again at the office.

Once again, welcome to the beginning of your 2016-2017 school year.






School Opening Times Sept 2016



June 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians,

With the implementation of full-day Kindergarten and the end of lunchtime bussing, a restructuring of the school day at A.P Low is necessary for the 2016-17 school year. As a further result, all three schools in Labrador West area chose to reflect upon their operations with respect to start times/bussing.

A proposal was vetted through the school councils of all schools, which took into account the educational research that exists around the impact of school start time on the achievement of older students. Research indicates it is preferable for older students to begin their day later in the morning due to their physiology. Most junior and senior high schools start later than the primary/elementary schools. In fact, in Labrador, this has been the case for over a decade in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Our bussing system in Labrador West has 15 buses that are shared between our schools and the French School District. Our buses perform double runs all buses deliver/drop off students to Menihek High School, then separate and complete the runs for A.P. Low and JR Smallwood.

Our system will change for 2016-17. The following changes will be in place:

*Buses will depart each school when loaded and ready to roll. In general this is approximately 10 minutes after dismissal.

We have planned these changes using computer software and imagery that can predict bussing travel times that are required given our current bus stop locations. However, in real-life the technology does not always account for many factors, let alone the winters in Labrador West. We anticipate that the times above may have to be tweaked to provide a better service to the households of Labrador West.

It is understood that this will be a change in your family’s routine. We ask for your patience and understanding as we work through the process as we believe this change is made in the best interests of our students.



Labrador West 





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