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Guidance (Updated Jan 2021)
Guidance (Updated Jan 2021)

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!




Local scholarship applications will be ready later this month and will be announced on PA. An email will also be sent home.


Canadian High School Scholarship - $1000

Wize is offering a $1000 cash scholarship in support of high school students amidst COVID-19. This scholarship is for Canadian students currently in Grade 12, and is meant to support the transition to post-secondary life. Simply fill in our scholarship form to apply, no essay required! Apply at:


Deadline is May 31, 2021. This is for all students and has no affiliation with any particular university.


We have student tutors available if you require tutoring assistance. Please contact me at 896 5331 or email valeriehart@nlesd.ca  for more information.


Wondering about funding for post-secondary?


 There are many sources of funding. Please check out this site:https://www.sac-isc.gc.ca/eng/1100100033682/1531933580211#chp1


Funding is in place for Indigenous students - check with your local office. Nunatsiavut Government's PSSSP (more than 1 year of schooling) or Inuit Pathways funding (1 year or less post secondary) deadline is March 1st. Link for the funding application is: https://www.nunatsiavut.com/department/psssp/


You might also be interested in reviewing other potential sources of financial assistance:


Additional resources to check out:


         Yconic.com is an extensive, searchable database of scholarships, student awards, bursaries and grants. You’ll              also find information about student loans, applications and budget planning.

Employment and Social Development Canada offers valuable information about savings plans, student loans, grants and scholarships.

  • Education and training offers extensive information on bursaries, grants, scholarships and employment opportunities available to students.
  • International scholarships has information on scholarships available to Canadians and non-Canadians studying in Canada and abroad.




Several scholarships are available - various dates throughout the year, with amounts from $500 to $50,000. Go to scholarshipscanada.com and scholartree.ca for more information.


Various scholarships are available through the National Union of Public Employees such as Tommy Douglas, Terry Fox, LGBTQ2, Indigenous, Students of Colour, and Brian Fudge. To apply, go to www.nupge.ca 



Free academic resources and a $1000 cash scholarship for Grade 12 High School students in Canada to help support the financial burdens of transitioning to postsecondary life: https://wizedemy.com/scholarships/4


We have designed our scholarship to be as simple as possible to complete: 


  • No essay(s) required

  • 3 minute application process

  • No financial info collected / purchases necessary


Memorial University offers free tuition to students formerly in foster care.

 MUN follows lead of Mount Saint Vincent in N.S.



MUN is planning to clear tuition fees for former foster children who enrol at the university. (Marie-Isabelle Rochon/Radio Canada )

Memorial University in Newfoundland and Labrador will offer free undergraduate tuition to 20 students formerly in foster care, beginning this spring.

The school made the announcement Thursday, saying it was following in the footsteps of Mount Saint Vincent University, in Nova Scotia.

Memorial said in a news release it will provide full-time undergraduate tuition for a maximum of four years, and up to eight semesters, for 20 students.

Eligible students need to have lived in foster care for at least one year.

Mount Saint Vincent announced a similar program earlier this month, and in October Western University in Ontario announced it would provide assistance to up to 35 students who had "aged-out" of the child protection system.

The universities say the programs are aimed at making education more accessible to youth from diverse backgrounds.


Autism Society


We are accepting applications for a number of exciting programs:


Healthy, Relationships and Sexuality (HRSA)
Evidence-based, comprehensive sexuality education curriculum on an array of topics relating to relationships and sexuality, specifically developed for adults with autism.
Age Group: 19+
Length of program: 14 weeks
Where: Online via Zoom (in-person once public health measures allow)
Cost: No cost; funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada




Employment Works
Evidence-based program designed for individuals who want to enter or return to the workforce, and who are interested to developing and practicing the skills needed for successful employment.
Age Group: 15+
Where: Offered across the province
Length of program: 16 weeks
Cost: No cost; funded by Government of Canada's Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities Program




STEP (Students Transitioning into Employment and Post-Secondary)
Designed for high school students to build self-awareness and skills through structured learning sessions and volunteerism with the ultimate goal of identifying appropriate employment or post-secondary choices upon school leaving.
Age Group: 16-21
Length of program: Year-long program
Where: Offered across the province and online
Cost: No cost; funded by Exon Mobil, RBC and the Fry Family Foundation


To registerfill out our online program application at the link below.



IODE Bursary Award

Value - $1000

Applications are due by January 28th to be submitted to the Board by Jan 29. Based on academic ability and financial need. For more information - drop by my office. 



Deadline - November 8.


Academic Qualification Requirements:

 Must be a current Level II student with:·    

 Additional requirement for RSI:  Minimum of 12 credits in science and mathematics

          Minimum 90% average across all courses completed in Level I

          Minimum 90% average across all science courses completed in Level I

          Minimum 90% average across all mathematics courses completed in Level I

          Minimum of 8 credits in science and mathematics courses completed by the end of Level II

  •  RISE Award winners will attend one of three prestigious research-inspired enrichment programs during the summer of 2020: the Research Science Institute (RSI) based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Da Vinci Engineering Enrichment Program (DEEP) at the University of Toronto, and the Boston Leadership Institute in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

How can I help students apply?


TCII requires verification of enrollment by teachers for all science and mathematics courses for which students are currently enrolled. If the student’s teacher is not available, an authorized representative of your school who can verify the course enrollment must sign for the course on behalf of the teacher.


Application forms available online: http://www.tcii.gov.nl.ca/innovation/innovatenl/Program_Applications.html




The Newfoundland & Labrador Women's Institute Scholarship ($500) is available for students graduating in June.  Deadline is November 30. Please see me for an application. Requirements include: 1) Essay of 250 to 500 words describing your most meangingful contribution to your school and community, 2) the following academic courses: 3rd level academic or advanced math, 3rd level academic English, Science - one of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Systems, Social Studies - one of World History, World Geography, Histoire Mondiale, or French Immersion 4) A reference from a non-relative 5) A resume of school and community involvement, work cxperience,volunteer experience, any awards 6) Proof of enrollment at post-secondary institution.


Several scholarships are available - please keep checking the screen in the foyer as they all have different deadline dates.


High School and Post-Secondary Students

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association- Newfoundland and Labrador (CHHA-NL) offers 3 scholarships for hard of hearing, late deafened and oral deaf students in Newfoundland and Labrador.
The deadline for all scholarship applications is June 30 of each year. 

Susan Brown Memorial Entrance Scholarship (for students entering their first year of post-secondary studies)
$1,000 for two semesters (total of $2,000)

Glenna Stone Memorial Scholarship (for undergraduate students beyond first year of studies)
$1,000 for two semesters (total of $2,000)

Dr. Norah Browne Graduate Studies Scholarship
$1,000 for two semesters (total of $2,000)

Audiology Scholarship

(for a person from Newfoundland and Labrador who is a  full-time student pursuing a post-secondary degree in Audiology at a recognized  Canadian University)

$1,000 for two semesters (total of $2,000) during the academic year of study.  An additional $1,000 awarded to the successful candidate if that person returns to work in Newfoundland and Labrador during the year following successful completion of the Audiology degree program. 

For more information, visit www.chha-nl.ca



Memorial University of Newfoundland Alumni Entrance ScholarshipandDr. Leslie Harris Memorial University Alumni Association Scholarship


To be eligible, you must be a high school student, graduating from a Newfoundland and Labrador High School, entering the first year of an undergraduate degree program at Memorial University in September 2020, and have an early admission average of 90% or higher. Applicants must have strong extra curricular involvement and demonstrated leadership contributions to school and community in Levels I, II, and III.


The Scholarship application, is in writeable PDF format and must be downloaded for completion. 


Deadline for receipt of the completed APPLICATION is March 1st each year.





This site streamlines the scholarship process for students - you create a profile and based on the information you provide (school, field of interest, volunteer experiences, etc.) - scholarships are matched based on what you qualify for. This is a FREE service. Check it out!



2020 Indigenous Student Awards - RBC

Designed to help students who have at least 2 years remaining in their post-secondary studies. Eligibility: academic, financial need. Status Indians, Non-status Indians, Inuit, and Metis are welcome to apply. There are 2 sections: Must be majoring in disciplines related to the financial industry or disciplines unrelated to the financial industry. Students receive up to $4000 oer academic year for educational and living expenses.

For more information, visit www.GoToApply.ca.RBC


Entrance Scholarships at MUN for those planning on attending MUN next year! Range from $2,550 to $30,000! Apply online at http://www.mun.ca/scholarships


Deadline is March 1st! These are available annually.


Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Through the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador awards 201 scholarships each year to high school students in Newfoundland and Labrador. The scholarships range in value from $1,000 to $2,500 and are based on the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development scholarship score. This score is derived from the results of public exams. 

The Junior Jubilee Scholarship ($2,500)

This scholarship is awarded to the student who achieves the highest Department of Education and Early Childhood Development scholarship score.

The Constable W.C. Moss Scholarship ($1,000)

This scholarship is awarded to the son or daughter of a member of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (active, retired or deceased) who achieves the highest Department of Education and Early Childhood Development scholarship score.

The Electoral District Scholarships ($1,000 each)

These scholarships are awarded to the three high school graduates in each district who achieves the highest Department of Education and Early Childhood Development scholarship score.

Centenary of Responsible Government Scholarships ($1,000 each)

Seventy-nine of these scholarships are also awarded based on the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development scholarship score.

Memorial University Entrance Scholarships

High school applicants from the Newfoundland and Labrador high school system are automatically considered for many of Memorial University's entrance scholarships. To view the scholarships offered by MUN please go the MUN scholarship website. These include Warren and Catherine Bell Memorial Entrance Scholarship ($30,000), MUN Alumni Association Scholarship ($25,000), Dr. Leslie Harris Memorial University Association Scholarship ($16,000) and MUN Entrance Scholarships ($2550.00). You must have a 90% average and  be involved in leadership in the community and school. Mid-term report card must be sent in by March 1st. All inquiries about their scholarships can be sent to scholarships@mun.ca

Other Provincial Government Scholarships

Lester B. Pearson Scholarship

Each year a Level II student is selected to attend Pearson College, a United World College, in Victoria, BC. The value of the scholarship is approximately $34,000 annually and covers the cost of attending the college to complete the two- year program.

Applications for the Lester B. Pearson Scholarship can be obtained at: www.pearsoncollege.ca opens new window


IGA Bursary

As in previous years, the deadline for high school students to apply for an IGA Bursary is February 28th.

The process, however, is much different than it has been in the past.

Students now have to apply for an IGA Bursary (through the IGA website) on-line, as is the case for most post-secondary applications, student loans, and the like.

We’re confident this process will prove to be more efficient for both the student and for the IGA in the long run.

The link for them to apply is as follows:




Students need to click on “Online Bursary Application Page”, where they will have to create an account and then proceed to apply for the Bursary.

You will notice that we have also posted a tutorial to help guide them – and perhaps you - through this process just below the “Online Bursary Application Page” link, where it says “here”.

Reviewing the 6 minute video should make things a lot easier from the student’s and principal’s perspective.

Principals are still asked to provide letters of reference, but this is now all done through the on-line process.

We will no longer have the two regional offices involved in compiling and forwarding applications to be sent to the IGA, as students will henceforth apply directly to the IGA using the on-line process, prior to or on February 28th.

Fisheries Scholarship

The purpose of the scholarship is to assist students entering post-secondary institutions while creating awareness on the province's fishing, sealing and aquaculture industries among our young people. The scholarship will be valued at $1,000.

Information and an application form are available at http://www.fishaq.gov.nl.ca/education/DFA%20scholarship%20application%202014-15.pdf PDF

Research & Development Corporation (RDC): RISE Awards

The Research Inspired Student Enrichment (RISE) Awards provide Level II Newfoundland and Labrador students with the opportunity to attend research-related enrichment programs in the Arctic and throughout North America. Focused on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), the enrichment programs allow students to gain insight into R&D-related fields, providing the groundwork for students to make educated decisions regarding their potential study and career choices. The RISE Awards application deadline vary each year, but is usually early November.

Visit http://www.rdc.org/funding/rise.htm for the RISE Awards application and more information.



TD Canada Trust Scholarships for Community Leadership:

For over two decades, young people across Canada have consistently gone above and beyond to make their community — and our world — a better place. That definitely deserves recognition.

What are the TD Scholarships?

Twenty TD Scholarships for Community Leadership are awarded to students in their last year of high school (outside Quebec) or CEGEP (in Quebec) who have demonstrated leadership in improving their community. Each scholarship has a value of up to $70,000 and includes:

  • Up to $10,000 for tuition per year (for up to a maximum of four years)
  • $7,500 a year for living expenses (for up to a maximum of four years)

Credit Counselling Services Scholarship

Learning financial skills is crucial to future financial freedom.  Since 2004 Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada, Inc. (CCSAC) has awarded $153,000 to students across Atlantic Canada.  With several $1,000 scholarships available annually, we continue to provide students with the tools to minimize their post-secondary debt and to use credit wisely. Our scholarship is released in January of the following year that it is awarded.

CCSAC Scholarships are open to residents of Atlantic Canada (regardless of age) who will be enrolled in an accredited post-secondary program in the up-coming academic year. Applications are accepted in both French and English. The scholarship recipients will be required to provide proof of acceptance and enrollment.




Glenn's Helping Hand Scholarship

This is designed for students who suffer from Diabetes. It is open to everyone. You must write a short essay about how Diabetes has affected your life, how you are dealing with it, and what your career goals are. Value - $1000

You must also provide proof of enrollment in a post-secondary institution. All essays may be emailed to: warrensullivan578@gmail.com by July 31, 2020.


 University Bursary deadline approaching!

 The NunatuKavut Community Council (NCC) is seeking applications for the 2020-2021 University Bursary Program. Deadline is March 1, 2021.




  • Current member of the NunatuKavut Community Council.
  • Be enrolled full time in a government recognized university (generally 4 or more courses).
  • Have successfully completed and passed all courses in the previous semester.
  • Maintained at least a 60% cumulative average.
  • Applicants are eligible to apply for an undergraduate degree program if they are in the final two years.  Preference will be given to final year.
  • Applicants are eligible to apply for a post graduate program if they are in their final two years.  If applicant was funded for undergraduate by NunatuKavut, they will only be eligible to apply for post graduate funding in their final year.

 Preference will be given to programs that meet current labour market demand.


Please note: Applicants can make their choice for two semesters during the fiscal year. Bursaries will be based on budgets and demand to a maximum of $6,500 per semester. All bursary applicants must complete the full Skills Development/Bursary Application found online here. All required documents must be submitted before bursary will be assessed. Bursaries are awarded annually; all clients must apply yearly to be eligible.


Please forward completed applications to:
Bobbie-Lee Tuttauk
Employment and Skills Development Manager
PO Box 460, Stn. C
Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL A0P 1C0
Email: btuttauk@nunatukavut.ca
Fax: (709) 896-0651


Get Canadian scholarships and chase your dream


Whether you’re still thinking about which trade school to apply for, or are entering your 3rd year as an undergrad student, the reality of how much everything will cost can be crushing. While costs have risen, investing in your education should be a top priority. Fortunately, there are lots of scholarships and bursaries designed to help you - if you know where to look.

Apply for scholarships

If you do a quick search on the internet, you can find tens of thousands of scholarships being offered in Canada. Do yourself a favour and apply for as many as possible, including the TD Scholarship for Community Leadership. Scholarships are awarded based on your achievements, income, community work and more. Make sure to find out exactly what is required when you apply. It will take more time to apply for a scholarship than a loan, but the extra work could pay off because a scholarship doesn’t need to be paid back.

Check with the financial aid office of your chosen university or college, or use these useful links to explore some of the programs available in Canada:

National Union Scholarships

6 scholarships available to students who are children or grandchildren or foster child of National Union member or retiree (NAPE for NL). $2500 each and student must be planning on entering a post-secondary institution. Other specific applications are for: Terry Fox Memorial, Tommy Douglas Scholarship, Young Worker Scholrship, Scholarship for Students of Colour, Scholarship for LBBTQI2S Students, and Scholarship for Indigenous Students. For more information, visit https://nupge.ca/content/nupge-components


MMC_High_School_Presentation.pdf   - want to be a doctor? Check out these zoom sessions - happening Jan 18, 19 and 25th, 2021.


Prom Closet: We have dresses in our closet for prom if you would like one. We also accept dresses, shoes, and suits/tuxes throughout the year for our prom closet. Please drop them to the school - attention - Ms. Hart. Thank- you!


Various career opportunities are available such as SPCA, Salvation Army, Friendship Centre, HVGB Recyclers, Cancer Society (selling daffodils)- drop by to see me. :)


If you have an inappropriate photo online that you would like removed or for help with cyber abuse, go to:




The Strongest Families program covers anxiety, depression, and behaviour. This is a program that is flexible and works around your time commitments. If you would like your child referred, please email, call or drop by.




Message for MMC parents, guardians and students




As the future of the school year is uncertain, I would like to inform you of some wonderful options to access counselling online, in the comfort of your own home and at a time convenient for you.




 At a webinar today hosted by the Department of Health & Community Services, we were given a thorough breakdown of several forms of E-Mental Health offered by our province. I will provide a brief overview of each for you.




 1) Breathing Room - A self-managed program to manage stress, anxiety and depression. This is a skill building program that runs for 8 modules and typically takes about 1 to 3 hours of your time per week. It is a video based program with offline activities. If you go to the site it asks you to pay a registration fee but if you access it through the Bridge the gApp website - registration is free. You have to submit your email and create a username.




 2) Mindfulness Challenge - This is a weekly program for school students. It helps prepare students for exams, tests, interviews - anything that may induce stress or anxiety. Testimonials from various university/college students said this program prepared them to get through their programs by managing stress and also gave them coping mechanisms to use for life. A friend can join you to do this program together.




3) TAO - Therapy Assistance Online - This is a self-guided program whereby you are connected with a clinician. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes per week for 4 to 6 weeks. There are several options to choose from - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for stress and anxiety, Behavioural Action for Depression, Calming your worry for students, etc. Once again - free registration through Bridge the gApp.




 4) Strongest Families - offer programs for anxiety, behaviour, and bed wetting. A referral is required and I can help with that.This is also a 30 minute program once a week through the phone (at a time best for you) for 12 weeks. It is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and has an 87% success rate.




(They've since added a program called I Can for young adults (aged 18-30) due to the success of the Strongest Families). 




5) Warm Line  -for non-emergency and non-crisis issues. Support is provided for various mental health issues. This is based in St. John's and they are open from 10 am to 12 am.










6) Various programs and services - Gambling Helpline,  Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868, Smokers Helpline, First Nations and Inuit Hope for wellness, Telehealth  - please have a look at their site bridgethegapp.ca 




There are both student and adult options to navigate on the website. Thank you and take care.




Shad Program:


This program focuses on academic learning through lectures, workshops, labs, and group projects. Students selected live in university residence from July 1st to 27th.  It includes classroom sessions, educational field trips, outdoor, and recreational activities.  Apply online at WWW.SHAD.CA/APPLY

If selected, all costs are covered. It is for anyone interested in math, science, engineering, business, and the arts.



Coping Strategies

 How to deal with anxiety and panic attacks

 Take a deep breath, tense all muscles and hold breath for 5-10 seconds – release


While doing these 5 things, gently tap your knee:


Find 5 things you can see in the room around you


Name 4 things you can feel


Name 3 things you can hear


Name 2 things you can smell


Name one good thing about yourself



To cope with stress:


Listen to music


Hang out with friends


Talk to someone


Go get some exercise




Go to a youth event (Friendship Centre)


Text a counsellor




Watch a comedy


Try a new hobby/Get a job



Check out proven anxiety reducers on YouTube and alifelessanxious.com



Bridge the Gap

Youth program - free download, free to use. Go to www.bridgeTHEgAPP.ca 

Help for depression, anxiety, sexual health, substance abuse, bullying. You are not alone, reach out and someone is there to help. :-)


Extra Help is available:


If you require a tutor, drop by to see me. :) Teachers have their own time for extra help.


Tutor services available - $25 an hour. Contact information:
Cameron Pye



Available to tutor math (academic and advanced) and the sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics).


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