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P.O. Box 89
Rigolet, Labrador  A0P 1P0
Phone: 709 947-3350
     Fax: 709 947-3429
Parent Information Handbook









September, 2017

Mission:  By providing all students with a quality learning environment, Northern Lights Academy, in collaboration with the community, will produce life-long independent learners who will become successful members of society.





Welcome Back!!

On behalf of all staff members at Northern Lights Academy we extend a warm welcome to all returning students and staff, as well as students who are attending our school for the first time.    Northern Lights Academy is a place that promotes responsibility, respect and academic excellence in a safe learning and teaching environment.  Every effort is made to organize the curriculum and set educational goals to develop interest, skills and abilities in a variety of subjects and extra-curricular activities.  To all our parents/guardians, we want to assure you of our intention to work closely with you as we encourage all students in their pursuit of excellence.


We look forward to hearing from you during the year and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call at any time.

Staff                                      Main Assignments

Adams, Ellen                           Native Teacher, Inuktitut K-9, Student Support

Allen, Beulah                          Native Teacher, Kindergarten/1, Student Support

Bowering, Courtney               Grade 4-5, IRT

Brazil, Steven                         Phys Ed, Grade 6-7

Denty, Jennifer                        Jr./Sr. High English/Social Studies

Elson, Kim                              Native Teacher, Grades 2-3

Jacque, Kevin                         Math, Science, Tech,  HS Homeroom

Morris, Chelsea                       Grade K-1, Kinderstart

Mugford, Tom                         Principal, Support, HS

Pottle, Lester                           Janitor, Maintenance

Palliser, Alexis                        Native Teacher, Life Skills, Support,  Recess Program

Palliser, Rhoda                       Native Teacher, Life Skills , Support

Pottle, Wendy                         Administrative Assistant

Wolfrey, Elsie                         Grade 2-3


Bell Times

Bell times are as follows.  Please note so children do not have a long wait outdoors.

A.M. Bell        8:20

Period 1          8:30-9:30

Period 2          9:30-10:30

Recess             10:30-10:50

Period 3          10:50-11:50


12:45 Teachers on duty. 

P.M. Bell        12:50

Period 4          1:00-2:00

Period 5          2:00-3:00

Fire Drills and Lockdown Practices

The provincial government has set new goals for fire drills and lockdown practices.  Fire drills will be held each month and lockdown practices will be held each term.  Please make sure your child(ren) have suitable footwear (sneakers or shoes) to wear all day at school.

Emergency Contacts

In case of an emergency, it is important to be able to reach parents quickly.  If you have no phone, please give the school an alternate means of contact.  If you have an unlisted phone number, please be sure the school gets the number.  If you are going to be away from the community, let the school know who to call in an emergency with your child.


We request that you have an emergency plan in place to care for your child should a community emergency be declared during the school day and students have to be returned home earlier than expected.  In the event that parents cannot be contacted, names of contact people should be provided to school personnel for notification in an emergency.

School Closure

In planning for the safety of our children during winter weather and on other occasions, the following guidelines will be used by school authorities for closing schools:

For Winter Weather:

1) Extreme temperatures (wind chill factor included and consideration for wind, snowfall and relative humidity)

K-3:  -45 C            K-7: -50 C                                   K-12: -55C

2) Poor visibility

3) Poor road conditions for pedestrians and vehicular traffic.


NOTE: The temperatures listed are the new wind chill factors approved, published and reported by Environment Canada in 2001-2002.


For other Closures:

1) Power outages

2) Mechanical failures (ie. Furnace out)


Announcements concerning cancellation will be aired on CBC Radio and the local radio station, if it is on air at the time.


Parents are advised to use their own discretion in sending their children to school when school remains open in poor weather.  They should take into consideration their child’s age, maturity, health, the road conditions and visibility in the community, and whether their child walks to school or gets a ride.


It is very important that all students dress properly for the weather.  The temperature guidelines for closing schools have been established with safety as priority.  Students should dress adequately in cold weather.


Weather Committee

A weather committee is being established at Northern Lights Academy. These individuals work hard to make good decisions for our children, so we urge everyone to support them.


All textbooks are supplied on loan to students without charge.  This means there are no fees for our student books.  However, if a book is lost or damaged, the full replacement cost of the book must be paid.  Many Junior and Senior High School textbooks cost $40.00 and more.  Books, which have torn pages, broken covers and/or spines, or inappropriate language written in them, must be replaced.


The recess snacks will include juice, crackers, milk, peanut butter and cheese whiz from IODE and various other nutritious snacks purchased through a grant from the Kids Eat Smart Program.  From time to time food donations are received from individuals or agencies.  We welcome this kind of support.


We follow the guidelines for nutritious snacks sent to schools by the Department of Education.  Healthy snacks are provided each day for our students thanks to the Kids Eat Smart Program.  If you are sending snacks from home, we suggest that these snacks be nutritious.

Academic Policies

Exams: January and June:  Formal Exams for Level I to III .

There are no formal midterm exams for Grades 7-9.

No formal Final Exams for High School General Courses         

Report cards: Formal reports are issued in November, April and June.

Parent Teacher Interviews: November, and April.  Parents are welcome, anytime, to make an appointment with teachers to discuss their children’s work.

Student Absence

Please phone or write a note to the teacher or the school to let us know if your child will be absent.  Students in Grade 7 and up should also tell their various subject teachers when and how long they will be absent. 


Northern Lights Academy’s homework policy remains unchanged.  Homework, when properly administered with appropriate feedback, is a valuable part of the educational process which acts as a bridge between home and school in providing information regarding student learning.

School Council

We will soon be activating our School Council for the 2016-2017 school year.  If any parent or community member is interested in contributing to our school in this capacity, please contact Mr. Tom Mugford, Principal.  (tommugford@nlesd.ca)  School: 947-3350  Home: 947-3558

Gym Rules

Please ensure that your child has appropriate sneakers (non-marking sole) and gym clothes.



At Northern Lights Academy we believe effective communication between home and school is a hallmark of an effective school.  Throughout the year information regarding school closures and other important events will be communicated through letters sent home with students, local radio, automated phone system and/or social media.


Information regarding your child’s academic performance will be communicated through phone calls, report cards and correspondence with the home.  Parents/guardians will have the opportunity to meet with teachers during Meet the Teacher/Curriculum Night and during Parent/Teacher Interviews.


It is important that you are an active participant in your child’s education so please feel free to contact or visit the school to discuss any issue pertaining to your child’s education.












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