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Welcome to our school where every child counts.
Bienvenue à notre école où chaque enfant est important.
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Homework will be assigned on a weekly basis. 


1.         word – picture matching game:

         Every Monday I will send home two sheets of vocabulary terms (8 to 10 words) to be learned. The children do not need to know how to spell the words. On Friday they will be given a test in which they must be able to match the picture with the word.

         I am sending two sheets so that the children can cut one sheet into pictures/words and the other sheet can be used as a reference to check their work.

         I would ask that they keep these words at home and play them at least once a day.

2.       Reading - La lecture
          Every day in school we will be reading and writing one sentence. This sentence will be their nightly 'reading' homework.
          On the weekends, I would like for them to practice all of the reading they covered that week. This is the children’s first attempt at reading. Some children may struggle at first; others may not. If there are frustrations please bear with me, with your child and with yourself - it will get easier!
          Please be as supportive and encouraging as possible. The more they practice, the easier the reading will become.
*Please sign the bottom of each page and return the duotang to school the next morning.
3.   Les syllabes
      Each week we will be focusing on a different "sound". The repetition of learning and reading the sounds will help the children read full words as they begin reading.
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