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Welcome to our school where every child counts.
Bienvenue à notre école où chaque enfant est important.
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Class Policy
Class Policy

~Students must come to school and to class prepared to learn with necessary materials and work completed.

~Please note the "Party Invitation" policy: Invitations may be distributed in class ONLY if each student in the class is invited. If only a selection of students are invited, then please find another way to hand-out invitations. A non-invitation can be devastating for students. I appreciate your cooperation with this matter.

~Bullying will not be tolerated and A. P. Low Primary follows the Conflict Resolution Program of "I Care" to help diminish bullying. The children are familiar with the I Care Cat and we follow the I Care Rules which are:

1. We listen to each other / On s' écoute les uns les autres.

2. Hands are for helping, not hurting / Les mains servent à aider non à blesser.

3. We use I-Care Language / On emploie le langage sympa.

4. We care about each other' s feelings / On respecte les sentiments des uns et des autres.

5. We are responsible for what we say and do / On est responsable de ses paroles et de ses gestes.

There are appropriate (natural) consequences when students choose not to abide by the rules which may include having to apologize to a classmate, having the teacher phone home, having to write an apology note, etc.

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