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September 2015
We are currently working on Patterns and Relations in maths.
September - October
We will be working on Number relations in maths.
In this unit, the children need to be able to:
- read and recognize the numbers from 0 - 20 (game ideas on bottom of pg)
- count from 0 - 20
- associate a number of objects with its literal number (ex.:  *** = 3)
- compare amounts using the terms "more (plus)"  " less (moins)" and "equal (pareil)"
- estimate a number of objects and check their estimation by counting the objects
- use everyday objects to help them problem-solve 

I am also including a list of the French word for each of the numbers between 0-20.  Some numbers (11-16 in particular) are trickier and will take longer to learn and remember!  Practice makes progress. 


#     Fr. Word    English pronunciation ‘guide’

            un                    ( uhn )

2             deux                ( deuh )

3             trois                ( trwa )

4             quatre             ( katr )

5             cinq                    ( saik )

6             six                   ( seece )

7             sept                  ( set )

8             huit                 ( wheat )

9             neuf                ( nuf )

10           dix                   ( deece )

11            onze                ( ohze )

12           douze              ( dooz )

13           treize              ( trayz )

14           quatorze         ( ka-torz )

15           quinze             ( kainz )

16           seize               ( saiz )

17           dix-sept          ( deece set )

18           dix-huit          ( deece wheat )

19           dix-neuf         ( deece nuf )

20           vingt                ( vainte )
To help the children learn their numbers, playing games is always helpful!
"Game ideas"
Matching the written word with the numeral. 
Game of "memory".  Make doubles of each number, (or make cards with the numerals on half the cards and their written words on the other cards) turn them all over and play "memory". Each number has to be said aloud orally, when a match is made, the player keeps the cards.  The player to have most pairs at the end of the game wins!
Tic-tac-toe with the numbers
 - ex. make a tic-tac-toe board with a pencil and write numbers in each of the boxes.  Taking turns, pick a box and say the number.  If you or your child gets the number correct, erase the number and put an "X" or an "O" in place of the number.  The first to have 3 in a row wins!


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