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Welcome to our school where every child counts.
Bienvenue à notre école où chaque enfant est important.
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Guidance Services 
Role of Guidance Counsellor
Role of Guidance Counsellor


The school counsellor’s role is to help meet the needs of students, parents, school and school board personnel, and community agencies through the provision of the following:


Counselling / Guidance

Counselling and /or guidance may be done in a group or on an individual basis in any of the following areas:

academic, behavioural, change / loss, death / grieving, multicultural needs, personal safety, placement and registration, self-esteem, sexuality, anger management, conflict resolution, familial, career awareness, drug education, peer relationships, social skills, study skills.


Referral Services

Parents and school personnel may refer children for guidance and counselling services.

Referrals to outside agencies (ie. Public Health, Mental Health, Occupational Therapy, Direct Home Services, and Child, Youth and Family Services) and to school board personnel (ie. speech-language pathologist, educational assessment specialist, itinerant for the deaf and hard of hearing) are done through the guidance office and in consultation with parents.



Consultation may involve parents, school and school board personnel and representatives from community helping agencies. Consultation may focus on concerns such as:

behaviour management, academic concerns, curriculum development, parenting skills, personal problems.



In consultation with parents, students may be assessed in the areas of achievement, behaviour, and/or intellectual ability. Assessment involves gathering information through all or some of the following:

observation, interviews, classroom tests, standardized testing, behavioural checklists and rating scales.


Provision of Resources

Resources in the form of print and video are available to parents, students, and educators in the following areas:

learning disabilities and disorders, behaviour management, bullying, parenting skills, death, loss and grief, personal/social issues, drug education, personal safety, coping skills, learning disabilities, personal wellness, physical and emotional disorders, standardized testing, community support services, child abuse, divorce and separation.


Provision of In-service

Information sessions are provided to parents and school personnel in the following areas:

Bullying, Reading, Parenting Skills, Role of the School Counsellor.


Early Intervention Programs

The guidance counsellor helps coordinate and implement the following programs/activities: Anti-Bullying (grades K-3); Self-Esteem (grade 2); Tutoring for Tuition (grade3); Addictions Awareness Week (grades K-3); Career Week (grades K-3);  Reading Rendezvous (grade 1); BeSafe Program (grade 1)


Committee Member

The guidance counsellor is a member of the following committees:

School Development Team - sets goals and objectives for school growth and improvement


Inclusion Committee - promotes inclusive policies and practices throughout the school
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