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Welcome to our school where every child counts.
Bienvenue à notre école où chaque enfant est important.
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Guidance Services 
Early Intervention Programs
Early Intervention Programs

T he guidance counsellor helps coordinate and implement the following programs:

Anti-Bullying Programs

Grade K -    Stop Teasing Me
Grade 1 -     Ten Things to Do Instead of Hitting

Grade 2 -     Be Cool: How to Cope with Bullying

Grade 3 -     How I Learned Not to be Bullied

K-3 -           Trevor and the Bully
                       Telling: A Tattler's Tale

Self-Esteem Program

Grade 2 -     Free the Horses: A Self-Esteem Adventure

Tutoring for Tuition

Grade 3 children are tutored free of charge by senior students from Menihek High School.

Reading Rendezvous

Grade 1 students read with their parents at school. This activity provides parents with strategies they can use to help their children read. It encourages reading readiness skills, mastery of sight vocabulary, and reading fluency in children.

Addictions Awareness Week Activities

All students are made aware of the safe use of medications and the harmful effects of alcohol and certain drugs. A display is set up in the main foyer and presentations by addictions services personnel may be requested.

Career Week Activities

All students are encouraged to reflect on their interests, likes and dislikes through a display in the main lobby, career riddles, and class discussion and activities.
c.a.r.e (Child Abuse Research and Education)
Grade one students learn about body and personal safety.
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