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What Is An Internship?


 An internship allows the student a unique opportunity to see the daily activities of their chosen career path.  They will receive hands-on experience, which in itself is an invaluable piece of knowledge.  They will understand the value of being a member of a team, and how their actions affect others.  They will understand how important honesty; integrity and dependability are in the real world.  **Most internships are paid. **

Students will utilize their skills and talents and see how they fit into their future career path.

Students will see firsthand how the knowledge they have gained inside and outside of the classroom fits into the real world.

Students will develop effective interpersonal skills and use them in their daily lives.


Do You Meet The Following Requirements?


Must be a high school senior

Maintain a 2.5 or above grade average

Complete a student work permit

Arrange your own transportation

Cannot have financial obligations to any MCPS school

Must have attended at least 1 Internship meeting prior to June 1st



For More Information, please contact Carla Y. Mackey, Internship Coordinator

via email at Carla_Y_Mackey@mcpsmd.org or (240)740-2643

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