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Grade Standard Set-Up
To grade Assignments you will need to define a Grade Standard. 
An example is shown, right.

Letter Grades are based on the points students achieve for an Assignment and the Assignment's Maximum Points. This is true whether you use Points or Percentage grading.

When viewing grades, students will see the Assignment Score you've given thm, as well as the appropriate Letter grade as defined here.  
1. Enter the Letter Grade and Minimum Percentage needed
    to attain the grade.
2. Enter as many Letter Grades as you'd like.
3. The order you enter the Letter Grades in makes no difference.
4. Values can be a decimal or an integer.
5. The Minimum Percentage of your lowest grade will probably be Zero.
6. NOTE: You can adjust your Standard at any time, and all graded
    Assignments and Reports will reflect the changes.

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 Sample Grade Standard